On a snowy weekend, January 27-29, approximately 200 men met on the battlefield of Gettysburg to hear stories of men who gave all they had for a cause worthy of their entire being.

On Friday afternoon we gathered at the General Meade statue at the high water mark of the battle. Over the three day conflict, there were more than 50,000 casualties on that hollowed ground. During those three days of July 1863, the earth was saturated with men’s blood. Before our visit on this day in January, the ground was covered with a fresh blanket of snow. This image of fresh snow covering a bloody battlefield was a wonderful reflection of what Christ did to shed His blood for our sins and cover them with a selfless act just like the snow covered the battlefield.

God met with us during the entire East Coast Men’s Conference in Gettysburg. The general session speakers talked about the many aspects of telling our story of God’s grace in our lives in the marketplace. The visit to the battlefield on Friday was a time to pray for our nation and hold communion together. Chaplain Lee Greenfield from Fort Benning, Georgia let the service along side John Wega who portrayed a civil war era chaplain. The coming together of these two points in history, today’s battles next to the Battle of Gettysburg was a powerful image of God’s story through the history of this country.

We heard the stories of men throughout history who gave until they had no more to give. Scripture tells us that there is “no greater love than for a man to lay down his life for another”. Men were confronted with the idea of being willing to die for what we believe because we know that one day we will die. What will our lives represent on that last day?

Testimonies were powerfully delivered by ministry leaders and lay business men that confirmed we can not trust in riches, wealth, possessions, position or plaudits since these are fleeting. We must trust only in Him who has called us to give it all to Him. Men’s lives were transformed.

Each of the 200 attendees left with the full assurance that He will guide us and use us as we tell our story, His story for the sake of the Gospel…..giving it all to those who need to hear the Good News.

Our next blog will feature some photographs taken during the conference…..stay tuned.
By Dave Balinski, CBMC Area Director, Central PA