Christian Business Men Connection (CBMC)
Coach Training in Gaithersburg/Rockville area on February 5, 2011

CBMC Leadership Coach Training (LCT) was held at Shady Grove Presbyterian Church at 16911 Redland Road, Derwood, MD. The seminar was filled with excitement as several members were from the FCA (organization of athletic Coaches) participated. Eleven Christian men attended the seminar filling the small room in the church with curiosity about what is “Coaching” and how could they apply this training in their walk with Christ. The members of FCA are from the athletic community of coaches in the local schools within Montgomery County so they have expertise in coaching athletes, but they learned that Christian centered Coaching is different. There were other members of the class from various professions. The group learned that CBMC Christian Coaching is not like mentoring, counseling or any other form of coaching, but a unique Christian centered training program. To assist a coach and a coachee develop a relationship through the power of the Holy Spirit, listening, and asking powerful questions focused on the coachee and not the coach.

This training was a first for Gaithersburg- Rockville area and the enthusiasm of the group there may be even more once the word of God’s power through “Coaching” gets around the Christian Business community.

Thank you to Paul Schomburg for having the insight and energy to arrange this training in the area where he serves as a local CBMC Team Leader. We are looking forward to the next 8 weeks together as we anxiously await what God will be teaching us with this transformational training!

To God be the Glory.

John Sheppard, Coach Trainer
CBMC Maryland Leadership Team
Downtown Baltimore CBMC Team member