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Biblical Business Principles – Last week we looked at Ownership and Purpose from the Business by the Book Workshop. How does recognizing God is the owner alter your attitudes and actions? As a faithful steward of the Owner’s business, how can having a written and published purpose / mission statement aid in defining the mission and staying on course? Do you have a written purpose / mission statement in your company?

This week we will dig deeper into mission statements by looking at three examples. Business by the Book Workshop teaches that the mission of a Christian owned business should include: 1.To glorify God; 2.To make a profit; 3.To support the work of Christ; 4.To spiritually impact our sphere of influence.

ServiceMaster is a $3 billion corporation that includes Terminix, TruGreen and Merry Maids. Their mission statement was originally – To honor God in all we do; To help people develop; To pursue excellence; To grow profitably. They now state – The ServiceMaster Commitment includes our foundational commitment to Honor God in all we do, our eight values and three core objectives to Help People Develop, Excel With Customers and Grow Profitably. For more details go to

Communication Associates, Inc. manufactures custom design RF components. Their mission statement states: 1.Honor God, 2.Honor the Family, 3.Honor the Customer, 4.Honor the Supplier, 5.Honor the Team, 6.Give to the Community, 7.Make a Fair Profit. For more details go to

Kelly & Associates Insurance Group’s Mission Statement states – Kelly & Associates Insurance Group, Inc. (KELLY) is an organization committed to the pursuit of excellence in an effort to bring honor and glory to God by: Providing our customers with quality products, benefits, and services… always putting “The Customer First”; Dealing honestly and professionally with our carriers and suppliers… representing them with integrity and excellence; Valuing our employees by treating them with dignity and respect… recognizing that it is the “People of KELLY” who make the unique difference, and thereby earning a reasonable return on the corporation’s investment. Their website provides additional information on each mission element including “As good stewards, we believe this corporation should earn a reasonable return on its invested capital, but only after the corporation has given an appropriate share of earnings to charities that are committed to serving the least, the last and the lost. Our goal is profitable growth.” For more details go to

I sent an email to Frank Kelly, CEO of KELLY, requesting – A brief paragraph on how you derived your Mission Statement, how you publish and promote it, how it has made a difference for you as the leader of the company, how it impacts employees and customers, and any examples of positives or negatives you might have received over the years.

The following is Frank’s response – As you know, our Mission has been central to every aspect of our business and business growth. I wrote the first draft of our Mission Statement after I attended a CBMC sponsored Business by the Book Seminar in 1991. Although this draft was approved by my father and brothers, we ended up revising/updating our Mission Statement on a family retreat in 1994, when we took the time to evaluate and measure every word of our Mission and our Mission defined. Over the years we have consistently turned to our Mission as the grid through which we measure our success and failures. We have shared our Mission with the People of KELLY, our broker partners, vendors, and corporate clients. We have invited all of them to hold us accountable to our Mission, and as a Senior Leadership Team (which includes my brothers, my father, and several other key senior executives) we regularly look at our actions and words in relation to our Mission.

Approximately five years ago we engaged a leadership consulting team that shares our values and works with us individually and collectively to measure up to our Mission. We meet with these consultants on a monthly basis, and it is often painful and challenging dealing with the realities of our human flesh. The effort has been worth it as God has blessed and honored our family and business.

Every year at our annual corporate meeting we review our Mission with all the People of KELLY. We remind them that we are not perfect but we serve a perfect God and desire to honor Him in our business. More than through words, we hope that by the way we treat our People and various partners that we are living out the five points of our Mission. Please feel free to reference our printed Mission Statement and our Mission defined.

We review the Mission and Mission defined with all new employees during new employee orientation and training. Under my brother, Bryan Kelly, who is our Chief People Officer, we have established a Respect Initiative Committee, which includes approximately a dozen employees of the KELLY companies. This team has worked diligently to help us put feet to our faith and Mission.

Over the years we have had a handful of clients and potential clients question our Mission and motives. I am aware of only one corporate entity that chose not to do business with us because of our Mission; however, the decision-maker made it clear that although he could not embrace or support our company because of its Mission, he respected us for our passion and commitment to the Mission. This individual was openly Jewish and seemed to appreciate aspects of our Mission, even though he chose not to do business with us.

We also have an open-door policy with all KELLY employees and invite them to approach us when they see or hear things that they do not believe are consistent with the Mission. Several times a year employees will approach me with issues that they feel are inconsistent with the Mission. In many cases their perspective is right on and leads to positive correction. Like any family or business, we are far from perfect but are grateful for a Mission which gives us a big “purpose” and “why” for what we do. (End of Frank’s email.)

Why risk having honor God and other Christian commitments in your mission statement? How will these statements alter the company culture? How does the risk of offending someone compare to the benefits of having stated God honoring biblical virtues? What about the accountability it brings on leadership? Do you have a personal mission statement?

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So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God. 1 Corinthians 10:31 ESV

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