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Biblical Business Principles – Last week we looked at Financial Principles (Lending). Are your lending practices moving people closer to or further away from God?

This week we will review Human Resource Hiring Decisions from the Business By the Book Workshop.

Hiring Decisions

The Business By the Book Workshop gives 8 steps for hiring the best people for positions where they can add the most value.

Step 1 – Pray Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:6-7
Do you believe God cares more about your business than you do?

Step 2 – Define the job clearly. Job Descriptions help you think through all the aspects as you define the job, and prospective employees will understand your expectations for the job. Do you use written job descriptions?

Step 3 – Hire the best person for the job. Good employees combine skill (can do the job), integrity (will represent the company honesty), community (will be a team player). Invest the necessary time to check references. Do you follow a plan to assure you get the best employees?

Step 4 – Match the person to the job. Use assessment tools to help you and the employee understand if the job is a fit. Crown Financial Ministries has an assessment tool called CareerDirect. Right people in wrong jobs are as costly as wrong people. How do you assure you match the person to the job?

Step 5 – Think through critical issues ahead of time. Are there government regulations and rules that will affect the hire? Does the prospective employee value your company’s mission, vision and core values?

Step 6 – Establish a trial period. A ninety day trial period can be helpful for both parties to evaluate compatibility including the skill, integrity, and community listed in Step 3. Do you have a trial period that allows either party to stop the employment process without cause?

Step 7 – Examine the character of potential managers and executive team members. These people will represent you. Do they share your Biblical worldview? Note: A Christian with a secular worldview might not represent you as well as a non-christian with Biblical worldview. Your mission, vision, and core values make excellent discussion points to help you discern the prospective manager’s worldview. Do your mission, vision, and core value statements reflect Biblical values?

Step 8 – Consider meeting the spouse. While the level of the position will weigh the need for this step, meeting the spouse is critical for executive team members. Human beings are an integrated package, and problems in one area of life do affect other areas of life. Chaos at home will usually result in chaos at work. (When I was in the electrical mechanical services business, we found it valuable to have a cup of coffee over the prospective employee’s kitchen table. We learned a lot there. We also found it valuable to find an excuse to see in the prospective employee’s car trunk. This too revealed a lot!)

Which of these steps do you need to incorporate in your hiring processes and procedures?

Bit of Wisdom

“If I have been unfair to my male or female servants (employees), if I have refused to hear their complaints, how could I face God? What could I say when he questioned me about it? For God created both me and my servants (employees). He created us both.” Job 31:13-15 NLT

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