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Biblical Business Principles – Last week we looked at Human Resources – Are your partnerships and / or managers accurately representing your values?

The Business By the Book Workshop doesn’t cover organizational structures, we will take a short detour this week and learn from an early management consultant – Jethro, who was Moses father-in-law.

Organizational Structures
In Exodus 18 Moses briefs Jethro on how God had been blessing Israel. Upon hearing this report Jethro exclaimed – I know now that the LORD is greater than all other gods, because his people have escaped from the proud and cruel Egyptians. Exodus 18:11 NLT When you share reports of how God is working in your organization do people see your God?

The next day Jethro observed that Moses spent his day putting out fires – all day long! When Moses’ father-in-law saw all that Moses was doing for the people, he said, “Why are you trying to do all this alone? The people have been standing here all day to get your help.” Exodus 18:14 NLT Moses gave the standard response – I have to respond to immediate needs!

“This is not good!” his father-in-law exclaimed. “You’re going to wear yourself out — and the people, too. This job is too heavy a burden for you to handle all by yourself. Now let me give you a word of advice, and may God be with you. You should continue to be the people’s representative before God, bringing him their questions to be decided. You should tell them God’s decisions, teach them God’s laws and instructions, and show them how to conduct their lives. But find some capable, honest men who fear God and hate bribes. Appoint them as judges over groups of one thousand, one hundred, fifty, and ten. These men can serve the people, resolving all the ordinary cases. Anything that is too important or too complicated can be brought to you. But they can take care of the smaller matters themselves. They will help you carry the load, making the task easier for you. If you follow this advice, and if God directs you to do so, then you will be able to endure the pressures, and all these people will go home in peace.” Moses listened to his father-in-law’s advice and followed his suggestions. Exodus 18:17-24 NLT

Jethro made three main points:
1. You will wear out both yourself and the people.
2. Appoint capable, honest managers who fear God and hate bribes, developing what we call the classical pyramidal organizational chart. While a variety of organizational structures exist today, and the span of control varies depending on the nature of the work being overseen, delegation is still necessary as organizations grow,
3. Have a procedure whereby problems get resolved at the lowest level possible, yet difficult problems can go up the organizational chain without fear of criticism.

Are you wearing yourself out? How is it affecting you and your employees? What is the relationship between fearing God and hating bribes? Why is it necessary to honor the chain of command, instead of just solving the problem that you have become aware of?

Bit of Wisdom
Now, a person who is put in charge as a manager must be faithful. 1 Corinthians 4:2 NLT

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