Paul Schomburg, a leader of a CBMC Connect-3 group in Gaithersburg, Maryland will lead a small team of Christian businessmen who are coming to Japan from July 28 to Aug 4, 2012.

They will be spending some time in Ishinomaki with Grace Mission Tohoku (7/31 – 8/3), primarily to see how they might help with their mission for economic development and job creation. Their goal is to build relationships in the business and faith communities and encourage entrepreneurs. This will be largely an exploratory trip, with hopefully more to follow, to explore how Christian businessmen can help with tsunami relief and to share God’s love for the Japanese people.

We also seek to make contacts with Christian businessmen groups for opportunities to share perspectives on faith & work and to establish a foundation for future initiatives. It is their long term goal to develop opportunities for cross-cultural exchanges of Christian business men for mutual encouragement and so that the body of Christ can be built up. They envision coordinating these exchanges through Global Advance, a ministry that seeks to awaken Kingdom vision and increase the acumen of Christian entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals throughout the world. Kevin Pate, the Executive Marketplace Missions Director for Global Advance, is joining the team to explore such opportunities in Japan.

They look forward to an opportunity to connect with CBMC men in Japan while we are in Tokyo on Sunday, July 29, and Friday, Aug 3. (Or welcome anyone from CBMC that would like to join us in Ishinomaki.)

After the team departs on Aug 4, Paul will be traveling the following week on business to visit Panasonic business units in Fukuoka and Osaka. He looks forward to meeting with CBMC while he is visiting Osaka

Blessings, Paul Schomburg